What’s it About?

A transplanted Minnesotan's musings about all sorts of things including history, technology, and what makes living today the very best time to be alive. Always with a bit of music, silly polls, and links to learn more. My topics vary from how things work, how we can direct a wonderful future, and the things we have to accept as true instead of pretending they are not. Learning things that are true can bring serenity and I try to deliver that positive message every Monday.

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It's the BEST time EVER to be alive! We don't hear that on the news or social media. We live longer, better, and safer than at any time in human history. Enjoy a dose of what makes it so great and a bit of positivity every Monday.


Mark Dolan
Born and raised in Western New York. A happy Minnesota transplant who considers it well named as the Star of the North (L'Etoile du Nord). I plan to write a book in retirement and this is the first step in getting there.