What’s it about?

I am taking a break from writing for a bit. I managed to write 135 posts since early October 2021 so there is a lot to choose from if you are just browsing. If you decide to look elsewhere I did a post of great stuff that I enjoy reading on Substack. So much great stuff!

A transplanted Minnesotan's ("l'etoile du Nord") musings about all sorts of things including history, tech, genealogy, and what makes living today the very best time to be alive. I write about all sorts of things on the path to this modern world. The goal is always to make unusual & complex things accessible & entertaining. One day it could be DNA and the next friendships. Always with a bit of music and links to learn more.

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My Newsletter is newish and I think improving. PLEASE share it with others you think might enjoy it. I do not use social media to market so word-of-mouth is my best hope. Likes are fine but comments and criticism are appreciated.

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To find out more about the company that provides the tech for this newsletter, visit Substack.com. If I had a nickel for all the times I hear people complain about the lack of great writing we all took for granted in our newspapers. While I doubt mine is great, I hope it is good.